200 years of Australian Fashion at NGV

I love a Sunday where you get to sleep in (although this doesn’t happen with two kids) but lets pretend it does haha, have a cooked breakfast (thanks hubby) then make your way into town, have a fantastic lunch and a stroll around the city, then make your way to a gallery. This is exactly how our weekend that just went by looked.

I was lucky enough to be personally invited to attend the 200 Years of Australian Fashion at the  NGV Australia which highlighted distinguishing features of Australian Fashion through the work of more than 90 designers and makers.


This exhibition was eye opening to see what and who has defined Australian dress.

I have always loved fashion, even as a little girl my mum would say I would always pick my own outfits out and tell her what I should wear. Things haven’t changed much. I still love fashion and love helping people with their choices on fashion and helping them feel the best they can. If you look amazing you will feel amazing. My own Grandmother was a successful dress maker in the UK and I remember always asking her questions about dresses and pattern making. My grandmother is now 95 and still makes the effort to dress lovely. Fashion is in my blood. Even though I wouldn’t have the patience to make dresses like my own Grandmother, I do love working on my blog focusing on Fashion and lifestyle. My two big passions. I love inspiring people, which hopefully is what I do.

So to help keep the inspiration flowing below are all the snaps I took from the exhibition.

I hope you enjoy & appreciate it as much as I did. It is amazing to see the work and detail in each garment, the care and effort that went into making something  so special really is memorable to see.


Thanks again NGV for the fantastic day.

Love  Emily


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