Had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the stunning Mrs Kylie Brown .

A mum to three beautiful children- Olivia, Jack & Macy. Brand Ambassador for Target Australia, Beyond Blue (A true role model for post natal depression sufferers) and  The Skin Centre.

Is there anything this is woman can’t do!! what achievements . OH & did i happen to mention she is new to MELBOURNE??  

Thats right ladies, she made the move from her country lifestyle in Brisbane to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne to support her husband, Jonathan Brown –  AFL legend and former captain of the Brisbane Lions who is now hosting Nova 100’s breakfast show along side Chrissie Swan & Sam Pang.

Kylie is often seen at many functions looking ever so glamorous & stylish but this down to earth mum is more than happy to dye her own hair and dress herself for such events.

Kylie was more than happy to participate in a Q & A covering all things “Life & Style”.

Hope you enjoy reading her answers as much as i did.

As a busy mum of three how do you juggle your busy schedule?

I do exactly that, Juggle. Having three children under six is very full on, some days when they are all happy and healthy it is easy. Other days when Macy ( 18 months ) is teething or Jack (3) or Olivia (6) are not well or in one of those moods which seems to happen all on the one day, it get very tough. I just take each day as it comes and try to keep them in a consistent routine. My children thrive on routine.

Any tips for new mums?

Again, i think its all about routine and to back yourself. You are in control of how you raise your children, whats best for you might not suit everyone but i think if it works, go with it.

You always look amazing, please tell us your secret if there is one? Beauty routine? Exercise routine?

I don’t know about that but thank you. I am a beauty therapist so I take a lot of pride in my skin. I use BLOC cosmetics and Alpha-H and swear by Proplenish Marine Collagen supplements. I also enjoy trying lasers and advanced treatments to maintain my youth. I haven’t  taken much time for myself for fitness, my children have kept me very active but I have just started KX Pilates and I am loving it.

Describe your Interior Style

Simple, Classic and neutral. I love Hamptons for inspiration.

How would describe your fashion style 

Similar to my interior style, simple, classic, I love monochrome and denim. You can’t go wring with a pair of skinny jeans, singlet or tee, with a pair of white sneakers. To dress it up I love a blazer and heel.

Who is your style Icon?

I love anything Kate Waterhouse wears. Kendall Jenner always looks so effortless and chic.

Shoes or bags?

Tough one- I don’t think I can choose one. We need both together.

Heels or flats?

Both are essential but i am mainly in a pair of runners to keep up with my kids.

Favourite holiday destination?

New York

If you could invite anyone to dinner who would it be?

It would be an odd dinner party but Channing Tatum and Britney Spears (I know she had tough run but I still love her)

Are you an night owl or early riser?

Night owl 100%, I hate mornings!!!! I am not a nice person in the morning, but i am working on it. Coffee helps.

We all love a romantic night out- describe yours

Dinner at a Japanese or Vietnamese restaurant, my favourite food. Or just a night at home watching a movie where I don’t have to cook or do the dishes.

What would you wear on a date night?

Jeans, Singlet,blazer and heels. If its cold I would swap my jeans for leather pants and if the restaurant is dressier a LBD.

As a woman in the spotlight do you get nervous before events? If so how do you control that?

It is more my husband who is the spotlight and i am just fortunate to attend some amazing events with him. The first few Brownlow’s I attended I was extremely nervous, coming from QLD I had no idea how big the Brownlow was and Jonathan didn’t tell me. I remember driving up to the red carpet and said to him omg what are all cameras for. Lots of deep breathes and wine seem to help calm the nerves.

Do you use a stylist or dress yourself for big events?

I dress myself but am very fortunate to have been able to work with some incredible  designers i.e. Lisa Ho, Wendy Makin (also made my wedding dress) Amber Chloe, and last year Leah Da Gloria. I always go into the event with an idea of what colour, style, neckline and then i let the designers do what they do best.

Plans for the rest of 2016 

2016 has already been a year of massive changes, we have relocated to Melbourne and right now my focus is on my family and ensuring the kids are settling in and adjusting to the change. I am continuing my work with Target and we have a few exciting projects coming to come. As well as looking after a family, I am making a conscious effort to take care and time out for myself. Three kids under 5 has taken a toll on my energy and Ive always put everyone first. This year I am going to take care of me too.



Hope you enjoyed the Q & A with Kylie Brown.

Wishing Kylie and her beautiful family every success for the future.

Love Always,

Emily X










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