Polo Time

It’s Polo time, well almost! It is that time where you at least start thinking about what to wear and planning the day. The Portsea Polo is a fun & not to mention stylish event, a day where you can let your hair down and relax. It’s a causal affair but none of the less you want to look polished- I like to call it effortlessly polished.

I am so disappointed I will be missing it this year, due to being interstate, however I still like to keep an eye out on looks I love & what I think will be perfect for the Portsea Polo.

I Highly recommend wearing wedges or a pair of gorgeous strappy sandals, nothing worse then sinking into the grass with a heel. If you really want to wear a heel go for a thick solid heel, NOT stilettoes.

Wearing white is fresh & summery, perfect for the day time and so right for the Polo. It is also nice to inject some colour if you wish- it is summer time after all. A hat is a smart choice and looks so classically elegant. A Fedora or a wide brimmed hat is the most stylish option. Best to keep accessories to a minimum- choice one or two statement pieces that compliment your outfit of choice.

Remember the day is all about having fun, relaxing, drinking  a champagne……or two & simply enjoying yourself. That’s what it is all about- Oh and watching the Polo game of course.

Below are some of my top picks for the polo



Shop this look – Hat www.neridawinter.com.au shoes www.matchesfashion.com.au

Shorts www.watsonxwatson.com.au Top www.seed.com.au



Shop this look–  Dress www.zimmerman.com.au Shoes www.midas.com.au

Bag- @styleonloan Sunglasses www.sunglassconnection.com.au



Shop this look– Shorts www.zimmerman.com.au Shoes www.dolcifirme.com.au

Bag @styleonloan Top www.saba.com.au


Shop this look– Dress www.zimmerman.com.au Shoes http://www.dolcifirme.com.au

Bag- @styleonloan


Shop this look– Dress www.thurley.com.au Shoes www.dolcifirme.com.au

Hat www.sportsgirl.com.au


Love Always

Emily  X











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